• Hassan Dakhlallah
    Hassan Dakhlallah President and Executive Director
  • Dr. Hussein Abboud
    Dr. Hussein Abboud Vice President
  • Zeinab Hammoud
    Zeinab Hammoud Secretary
  • Jamal Hijazi
    Jamal Hijazi Treasurer
  • Ali Alameddine
    Ali Alameddine Accountant
  • Sadek Abed Ali
    Sadek Abed Ali Project Manager
  • Rana Kashakish
    Rana Kashakish Administrative Affairs
  • Fatimah Hammadi
    Fatimah Hammadi Marketing and Advertisement
  • Rayane Attieh
    Rayane Attieh Volunteer - Civil Engineer - Project Management Department
  • Nabih Ismail
    Nabih Ismail Volunteer - Environmental Sector
  • Jawaher Hallal
    Jawaher Hallal Volunteer - Humanitarian Aid Sector
  • Mohamed Dakhlallah
    Mohamed Dakhlallah Volunteer - Humanitarian Aid Sector
  • Batoul Kassem
    Batoul Kassem Volunteer - Public Relations Department
  • Mariam Attieh
    Mariam Attieh Volunteer - Graphic Designer - Marketing and Advertisement Department
  • A’esha Ali
    A’esha Ali
  • Eman Kourani
    Eman Kourani General Supervisor - Al Bassma Center
  • Mariam Dhaini
    Mariam Dhaini Social Worker - Al Bassma Center
  • Abir Ezzedine
    Abir Ezzedine Specialist in Childhood Education - Al Bassma Center
  • Douaa Madani
    Douaa Madani Speech Language Pathologist - Al Bassma Center
  • Jana Kourani
    Jana Kourani Prevocational Teacher - Al Bassma Center
  • Leila El ALi
    Leila El ALi Psychiatrist - Al Bassma Center
  • Zahraa Attieh
    Zahraa Attieh Occupational Therapist - Al Bassma Center
  • Ali AL Moussa
    Ali AL Moussa PE Teacher - Al Bassma Center
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