Nousharek Association realizes that when societies are more cohesive and the forms of dialogue, cooperation and interaction are diverse and stratified, they succeed in achieving common goals for sustainable development. Therefore, strengthening social cohesion is necessary to build peaceful societies and limit the exacerbation of unstable/conflict conditions that alter respect for diversity, inclusiveness and basic human rights.


Programs and projects that seek to enhance social cohesion have become an important part of NOUSHAREK’s efforts to address lack of confidence and challenges to manage diversity and pluralism, as they extend from dialogue projects to developing the capabilities of local authorities in consultation and building bridges with communities focusing on shared values and unity of destiny. The “Social Cohesion” program works closely with youth, women and people with special needs to enhance their participation in social life, and to improve their quality of life in society.

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals:

Our work in this program serves the following four goals of sustainable development:

  • Goal 5 “Gender Equality”
  • Goal 10 “Reduced Inequality”
  • Goal 16 “Peace and Justice Strong Institutions”
  • Goal 17 “Partnerships to achieve the Goal”

The general objective:

“Promote social cohesion to achieve sustainable development in local communities”

Special objectives:

  1. Involve local youth, from females and males, in social life.

The main objective of the Youth Engagement Program is to “encourage the most dynamic and flexible young people to interact economically, personally and socially”, which is in line with our vision of empowering and engaging young people and ensuring gender equality. We seek to transform the current carelessness among youth and their lack of participation in social life into energies that will make a difference for the better in their social life.

  1. Support social inclusion of all societal groups that suffer from marginalization.

To this day, some social groups, such as the elderly and people with disabilities, still suffer from marginalization and social exclusion. They do not have adequate opportunities to participate in public life, to receive fair treatment, and to take advantage of available opportunities equally with other members of society. They are also seen only as helpless and in need of care, at a time when many of them have a great capacity to give and produce if the appropriate opportunities and conditions are available to them. Therefore, we seek to break this stereotype, forms of intolerance and patterns of exclusionary behavior to enable them to benefit from chances for effective participation in all aspects of society on an equal basis with others. The program aims to spread awareness in order to create a society that is inclusive for all, and not only accepts diversity, but also respects it; in which each individual has an effective role in promoting community development.

  1. Involve civil society in the developmental decision-making process with the local Authorities.

NOUSHAREK Association believes in the importance of community involvement as one of the factors that ensure the success of development projects at the local level. The contribution of civil society in managing the public affairs of the town is considered a right and a duty at the same time, it is a right in a way that allows the citizens to preserve their interests, and a duty from the standpoint of the obligation to improve their local authorities by cooperating with them. Participation is an opportunity for the local community to raise their voices and express their requirements and prospects, which contributes to making municipal decisions more expressive of its true needs, and thus building confidence between citizens and the local authority. On the other hand, the participation of citizens in the decision-making process allows for easier implementation and wider acceptance of municipal decisions because those concerned themselves have participated in their production. Therefore, the association seeks to consecrate the principle of participation between civil society and the local authority, to strengthen the relationship between them, and to transfer the community from bystander citizens to active participants.

  1. Provide a fostering and supportive environment for youth initiatives to achieve the sustainable development goals in local communities.

NOUSHAREK Association aims, in all its’ objectives to achieve the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations. These are long-term goals and achieving them requires tremendous efforts, and perhaps the most prominent of these goals is the “Partnerships for the goals”. Therefore, we seek to spread the notion of sustainable development goals among youth associations operating in Southern Lebanon and create partnerships with them and between them to unite the efforts in order to achieve these goals that benefit the region as a whole.

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