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Humanitarian Aid Sector


Qana and Neighboring Villages in Tyre District


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End Date



12 months


In recent years, Lebanon has been witnessing severe economic fluctuations and political crises. With the most latter being the significant decline in the value of the national currency to more than 80% of its standardized value. The outbreak of the pandemic (Coronavirus/Covid-19), lockdown, public strikes, the political instability along with the previously mentioned above have caused huge losses to the less fortunate of families due to the very expensive cost of living and critical financial crisis. At present, nearly a million people in Lebanon live below the poverty line and are barely able to meet most of their basic human needs.

Like the rest of Lebanon, the repercussions of the series of crises taking place have had a major impact on the people of Southern Lebanon towns and their living conditions. Therefore, we are witnessing a gradual disappearance of the middle class and an accession of the majority to the poor, especially since most of the population in the region are originally of low-incomes as a result of the majority working in the agricultural sector and the self-employed. Most families in Southern Lebanon are no longer able to meet their basic needs in these current circumstances and need various kinds of support in order to remain resilient and persistent.



Strengthen the ability of vulnerable households and individuals to meet their basic survival needs


The project aims to aid the less fortunate and those highly affected people by the crisis in the towns of Southern Lebanon and to provide the necessary support and requirements needed to enhance their abilities to persist and resiliently face the current difficult circumstances.

The project will provide food aids, cash allowances, and medicines and infant formula, as well as renovating and rehabilitating homes lacking basic services and necessities, and covering the costs of hospitalization and providing educational grants.

This project is funded by young Lebanese groups in the countries of emigration individuals of the local community and adopts the principle of transparency and accountability by monthly reporting to donors details on the number of beneficiaries and the types of aids and services provided with financial audit.

The role of NOUSHAREK was limited to forming a link between the donors and the people of Qana and the neighborhood, in addition to providing administrative services and financial auditing. On monthly basis, donors was sending funds to NOUSHAREK, and, in turn, it distributed them in the form of different services


LBP 34,313,000


  • Local Community
  • Young Lebanese groups in the countries of emigration


  1. Al Saha Pharmacy
  2. Qana Al Jalil Supermarket
  3. Bassma Pharmacy






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