The Launch of The Afforestation Project of the Dabash Commons – “Nature Reserve”

Within the framework of the environmental plan developed by the municipality of Qana with associations and non-governmental organizations, the afforestation project of the property No. #2111# in the Qana real estate area, known as Dabash Aitit, was launched.
In cooperation with the municipality of Qana and with funding from the World Food Program “WFP”, the NGO “Sheild” implements the afforestation project with the participation of the town’s youth, as the project aims to create job opportunities for about 50 young people in light of the stifling economic crisis.
It also aims to create green spaces that contribute to enriching the natural features of the town and help in the process of preserving the remaining commons and establishing nature reserves that will contribute to preserving the environment and biological diversity.
The project includes, in addition to afforestation, the deliberate fencing of the reserve and its planting with different types of fruitful and non-fruitful trees, in addition to an irrigation network covering the entire cultivated area of ​​about 65 dunums.


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