Qana Youth Association participated in the project #Qana_Recycles, which was launched by the municipality of Qana today in a meeting organized by the municipality center in the presence of the imam of the town, Sheikh Ali Al-Ashqar, the mayor, members of the municipal council, people and representatives of each of the partisan authorities, the Holy Family Association, Saint Joseph Youth, Qana Galilee Club, HJM company and a website GreenArea.
The attendees discussed the initial plans to start the sorting campaign from the source in all the neighborhoods of Qana and the subsequent steps to spread the culture of sorting in all homes and institutions in order to facilitate the waste treatment process in the newly established plant in the town to prepare these materials for recycling.
In conclusion, the attendees hoped to reach a time soon when every citizen becomes aware of the importance of what he offers to Qana and to the environment through cooperation for the success of this project and sorting its waste from the source.

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