Qana Youth Association participated in the dialogue meeting called by the Lebanese Women’s Council on “A quota for women in municipalities of at least 33% for nominations and seats,” sponsored by the municipality of Qana and in the presence of the Women’s Affairs Office in the Amal Movement and active women from Siddiqin, Tyre, Abbasiya and Ramadi.
The President of the Council, Mrs. Iqbal Murad Dogan, stressed the importance of the role of women in the advancement of the country through their entry into decision-making positions, starting with the municipal councils.
Mrs. Jawaher Halal also gave a speech on behalf of the municipality of Qana, pointing out that worthy women are able to lead groups and some of them have even reached the presidency in some countries. Based on its vital role in providing service to others, it is no wonder that it entered the municipal service councils to devote its effective role.
It was an intervention by the Qana Youth Association, in which Ms. Faten Shalhoub explained the role played by active women in the association and women’s organizations in Qana. The association is distinguished by the presence of women and gentlemen and their positive communication together and their work side by side, as I mentioned receiving promises to include women in the next municipal council.
The women interlocutors also commended the importance of women’s participation and mentioned successful experiences of some of the women present in municipal councils in their towns.

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