The Qana Youth Association and the municipality of Qana received a delegation that included a group of young women and men from different Lebanese regions and youth committees in the municipality of Hazmieh.

Together, about fifty visitors toured Qana, starting from its historical cave, passing through the municipality center, where they were received by members of the esteemed Municipal Council.

The visitors presented their projects and activities as a means of exchanging experiences between youth associations to develop their capacities, funded by UNIFIL and UNESCO and in cooperation with the Center for Development Services “Jebal Al-Butm”.

Ms. Hanan Al-Haber, Head of the Local Development Office in Hazmieh Municipality, reviewed the successful experiences in youth participatory municipal work and a training course on rural tourism in Lebanon based on the role of Qana and its natural and tourism components.

The visit was completed by passing through the old neighborhoods of Qana, where the youth of Saint Joseph were receiving them for a village lunch in the hall of the town’s church. The Qana Youth Association presented a traditional dabke ensemble, dancing and dancing visitors to its tunes together in their various regions.

The visitors concluded their tour of the site of the Qana massacre, emphasizing the national unity among all.


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