Launching the Heba “GIFT” waste sorting project in Qana

Qana Youth Association participated in a ceremony organized by the municipality of Qana today to receive a donation provided by UNIFIL and UNDP Lebanon through the Malaysian battalion and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, for sorting inorganic waste.
The ceremony was attended by His Excellency the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mr. Jan Waltmans, the Commander of the Malaysian battalion in Lebanon, Colonel Izhan Bin Othman, the Director of the Social and Local Development Program at UNDP, Mr. Raghed Assi, the Mayor of Qana, Mr. Muhammad Kersht, members of the Municipal Council, and religious, political, cultural, social, educational and civil activities.
The celebration began with the Lebanese national anthem, the Dutch national anthem and the United Nations anthem, and a welcoming speech was given by Ms. Faten Shalhoub, representing Qana Youth Association.

At the outset, the mayor of Qana welcomed the attendees, especially His Excellency the Ambassador on his first visit to the south, and stressed the importance of integration between civil society and non-governmental organizations on the one hand and UNIFIL forces on the other hand, pointing out the importance of development and service work that has no limits and that notices the pests and dangers facing society. He stressed that the Municipal Council will not hesitate to confront these dangers and eliminate them. Kircht stressed the importance of hard and diligent work to reduce the risks of random accumulation of waste, announcing preparatory steps to be taken by the municipality in terms of awareness campaigns for sorting from the source and distributing containers within a well-studied plan that notes the appropriate needs of neighborhoods. Kircht concluded by thanking the owners of the initiative, which reflects the integration of the spectrum of society to build a healthy and healthy life.
Karshat’s speech was followed by a speech by the Director of the Social and Local Development Program at UNDP in Lebanon, Mr. Raghed Assi, who stressed that the organization will work with all its efforts within the development and service projects at the national level, considering that Qana will be a model for other southern towns in the matter of concern for waste treatment and the sorting process from the source He also thanked the municipality for its cooperation and facilitating the completion of this important project for the town.

This was followed by a speech by the commander of the Malaysian battalion in Lebanon, the Colonel, who expressed his happiness to present this donation, which would provide environmental and health improvements to the people of Qana, and stressed that the battalion will continue to support municipal councils to improve vital facilities and help reduce waste risks in villages and towns.
The Ambassador of the Netherlands in Lebanon, Mr. Sayed, also gave a closing speech in which he expressed his deep happiness for visiting the south, especially the town of Qana, thanking the warm reception and love he felt from the people of the town, which made him feel that he is present among his family and loved ones. Waltmanns stressed the importance of integration among all to serve humanity, especially in the issue of public health and the protection of society from dangers and pests. At the end of his speech, he thanked the mayor of Qana for his efforts, activity, interest and distinguished reception.
In conclusion, the audience unveiled a memorial plaque for the donation presented through the Quick Impact Project, and the guests participated in a cocktail party held in their honor.


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