A delegation from Qana Youth Association visited the head of municipality, Mr. Muhammad Kresht, congratulating him on his assumption of the presidency of the Municipal Council.
There was talk about the activities of the environmental, tourism, cultural and other associations. The delegation also presented some future projects that are currently being worked on, including equipping the center for people with special needs in the town, which the attendees showed great interest in.
For his part, the mayor expressed his interest in youth projects in the town, stressing the importance of integration between the local administration and civil society. He also praised the essential role of youth in social, development and service work in the town, stressing the support of the municipal council for activities that serve the town and its people.
The delegation also visited the deputy mayor, Mr. Zine El Abidine Dakhlallah, to congratulate him.
The delegation concluded the visit by handing over to the mayor a brochure on the association, wishing the Municipal Council all success in the projects that will be established in the coming days, stressing its readiness to support and support any project that is in the interest of Qana.

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