Within the framework of its environmental projects, the Qana Youth Association has worked during the past period to encourage the use of cloth bags instead of plastic bags or nylon bags, which have become widely used in recent years.
Therefore, it secured 2,000 bags made of recycled fabric to distribute them to shops in Qana, with the aim of encouraging people and shop owners to use them instead of plastic bags, as a gift from the Italian battalion of the UNIFIL forces received by the association last October.
Based on our responsibility towards our society and our environment, we invite our honorable people in the town to use these bags in the interest of the environment, that is, to always take the bag to the shops to put things in it, in order to completely dispense with nylon bags.
In turn, the Qana Youth Association thanks the Italian battalion for this valuable initiative and the owners of shops in the town for their cooperation.


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