Location Cana
Start Date NOV/01/2018
End Date DEC/31/2020
Duration 3 YEARS
Problem In the light of the waste management dilemma occuring in Lebanon since 2016, dumpfills have spread enormously among the country, including a 14,000 m3 dumpfill in Cana village that had been causing several damages on various aspects (environmental, healthwise)
Goal Implementation of a waste management plan and reducing the production of wastes in order to eliminate dumpfills
Methodology A warehouse was rented, and with a grant from the Orange House Project, a waste compactor was purchased. Nousharek Association carried out the process of transporting separated waste materials from houses and institutions to the warehouse with the aim of compressing and storing them after being sorted. The project continued in this manner for a year, until the establishment of a waste treatment and sorting facility in Qana by HJM Group.

The entire dumpfill was eliminated after the execution of an integrated solid waste management plan.

Reduction of rejects by 15%

Recycling reached 23% in Cana village

Budget $6,650
Donor(s) Local Community – Nousharek
Partner(s) HJM Group
Beneficiaries Direct

20 employees

15 volunteers

Indirect  Citizens of Cana village



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