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Nabatiyeh, Bint Jbeil, Tyre Districts


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Forests in the region are at high fire risk due to their density and lack of management and community members are seriously affected by the economic crisis and lack capacity to manage properly their natural resources.

With the accentuating fire incidence and the exponentially increasing burned areas over the last two years, all efforts should be directed to managing forest resources to reduce fire risk and protect the local communities from the risk of forest fires on their health and properties.


Reduce fire risk in the region through labour intensive forest management activities

improve rural tourism potential through the management of trails within natural areas

sustain recently reforested areas through pruning and maintenance activities.


This project aimed at addressing jointly these two challenges by employing people in forest management activities, thus supporting their livelihoods while managing the pest outbreak.

This project builds on those previous success stories by providing needed maintenance for earlier-planted new forests and reducing fire risk in dense older forests at high risk of fires.

This Project was implemented by LRI. and Nousharek was a local partner in villages of Nabatiyeh, Bint Jbeil, and Tyre districts who provided required assistance for the implementation of the project.

The project aims to reduce fire risk in the region through labor intensive forest management activities while improving the livelihoods of Lebanese and Syrian men and women in vulnerable communities in Southern Lebanon. The project employs disadvantaged people, based on a socioeconomic evaluation, in forest management works. Thus, reducing the pressure of unemployment on the short term while sustaining recently reforested areas through pruning and maintenance activities and making them less prune to wildfire.


Number of forests in the region were maintained through pruning and weeding and thus fire risk was reduced.

Number of short-term employment opportunities created for vulnerable communities in the South governorate.

Improves the potential for ecotourism through the maintenance of trails within natural areas.


Germany through KFW Development Bank




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