Project Name



Location Cana
Start Date 2016
End Date 2021
Duration 5 years
Problem Due to the severe economic crisis the country has been struggling through, a big number of citizen hasn’t been able to afford basic living needs
Goal Provide basic living needs for families and people most in need
Methodology providing needs like clothes, food rations, heaters, house renovations, medicine, and health related needs for the most in need

Covering two surgeries for a child with a critical medical condition

Securing basic living needs of medicine, infant formula, and foodstuff for 200 families

Providing 100 medical cards for low cost medical coverage

Providing 190 stationary and school bag rations for students

Furnishing 6 homes and equipping them with electric appliances

Renovation of 6 homes for the most needy families

Providing 100 heaters for families

Distribution of 150 food parcels for families

Providing Al Eid clothes for 272 disadvantaged children

Budget $76,453
Donor(s) Local Community
Beneficiaries Direct 1371
Indirect Cana village locals
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