Who We Are


PREVIOUSLY  – Cana Youth Association

Nousharek is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit Lebanese organization that has no political or religious affiliation. It was established as a youth initiative in 2016 and was registered at the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities under the notification number 2512 in 2017. The organization abides by the principles of humanitarian work, and adopts a policy of solidarity, cooperation and democracy to achieve sustainable development. It is headquartered in Qana Al-Jalil village in South Lebanon, and operates within the scope of Southern Lebanon as a whole.  It aims to contribute to addressing the social, economic and environmental challenges the villages and towns of Southern Lebanon are facing, by adopting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and working to achieve them. In order to reach this goal, Nousharek works to raise awareness, and evaluate and improve the knowledge about sustainable development and social responsibility among local communities, stakeholders and decision-makers through work programs in five sectors: Environment, Education, Community Development, Livelihoods, and Humanitarian Aid.


Our Vision

“Sustainable living for all generations”

Our Mission

Nousharek aims to support the sustainable development goals, expand knowledge about them, and implement projects that are intended to achieve these goals in the local communities located in the towns of Southern Lebanon through programs that provide a common framework for a more peaceful, prosperous and sustainable future for all.

Our Values

  • Focusing on improving the lives of people and societies, especially the vulnerable ones.
  • Commitment to supporting healthy ecosystems and biodiversity that support the prosperity of societies.
  • Guaranteeing utmost possible success of projects with monitoring and evaluating their results.
  • Establishing diversified partnerships that lead to better and more flexible results.
  • Seeking innovative and daring solutions that make a remarkable impact.
  • Believing that all beneficiaries has the right to receive the association’s services without any considerations or discrimination, whatever they are.
  • Working with transparency, accountability, and participation and adhering to performance evaluation standards, taking specific measures to prevent mismanagement and promoting continuous development.

Targeted Groups:

Nousharek targets all segments of the Lebanese society, including non-Lebanese, with special consideration for youth, women, and vulnerable and marginalized groups, especially those with special needs.

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