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2016 – 2017

NOUSHAREK – Cana Youth Association previously- was founded in 2016 in Qana Al-Jalil village – Southern Lebanon by a group of young women and men from Qana out of their sense of responsibility and their desire to contribute to addressing the difficult environmental, economic, and social challenges their village and the whole country have been facing. The association contributed to shedding light on the importance of involving citizens in the development process, supporting their rights to express their needs, engaging local communities, especially youth and women, in the process of local developmental decisions making that would improve the quality of life of individuals.

On November 21, 2017, the association was officially registered at the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities under the notification number 2512, and it was transformed from a local spontaneous youth gathering into a more organized youth association with a vision, a mission, clear goals, and policies and laws that regulate its work.

After its inception, the association’s work was limited to implementing some cultural, social and charitable projects and activities in light of the economic crisis that Lebanon has been going through. However; the main focus was on motivating young people to participate in local decision making and to suggest solutions to address complex issues in their local community. and the geographical scope of its work was limited to Qana village.

During that period, the association managed to gain the trust of the local community by adhering to the principles of neutrality, equality and objectivity in assessing community needs and in providing its services without any discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, or nationality.


2018 – 2019

In 2018, the association took a developmental orientation in all its interventions, especially the environmental and educational ones, and adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were developed by the United Nations as a framework to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all by 2030. Nousharek launched its programs in five main sectors: Environment, Education, Community Development, Livelihoods, and Humanitarian Aid.

By 2019, Nousharek has succeeded to implement a large number of development projects in its various sectors in partnership and cooperation with associations and national and international organizations, especially those of the United Nations. The association’s actions were focused mainly on the environmental and education sectors, in which it executed several afforestation and solid waste management projects in the towns of Southern Lebanon. In addition, it established an educational and rehabilitation center named “Al-Bassma Center”, which is non-profit and provides rehabilitation, therapeutic, educational services for children with special needs from different regions of Southern Lebanon.


2020 – 2021

Since 2020, the association has been working to achieve its mission by expanding knowledge about sustainable development and organizing a number of developmental and social programs, projects, and activities that aim to bring immediate and long-term changes based on deep understanding of the needs of the society. The active and effective interventions made by the association since its inception has led to the establishment of partnerships on a wider scale, adopting a participatory and effective approach with all stakeholders, communities, international organizations and donors.

Today, Nousharek Association implements its projects within a wider geographical scope that includes the South Governorate as a whole and the towns of Tyre District in particular, and its services influence most societal groups and issues, with a special consideration to youth, women, and vulnerable and marginalized groups.


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